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May 20, 2013
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Saimatec company profile

Saimatec Engineering Oy, founded 1981 by Seppo Rasimus

Saimatec was started as an engineering consultancy, operating in co-operation with workshop companies which produced the products designed by Saimatec.
• Original business area was roll wrapping systems for pulp&paper mills, but many different products were designed on a contract basis, too.
• Gradually over the 1980's own manufacturing activities and turn-key deliveries were started, and operations were focused on sector of roll wrapping and handling.

Machinery workshop Ässätekniikka Oy was founded in 1989. Saimatec and Ässätekniikka form a pair of sister companies.
Ässätekniikka is a separate limited corporation that serves as manufacturing facility for Saimatec's products, but also as a sub-supplier for other certain other equipment manufacturers not competing with Saimatec.
• Majority of Ässätekniikka Oy is owned by Saimatec and Saimatec-related persons.

Since 1990 both Saimatec and Ässätekniikka have been operating in the Teknola industrial park in Savonlinna, Finland.
• Majority of the premises were acquired by Saimatec Engineering Oy on 1997
• Saimatec owns a total ~11.000 m2 production and office spaces, suitable for design and manufacturing of various products for heavy industry. Ässätekniikka is using major part of the premises.

Today our core organisation Saimatec + Ässätekniikka have in-house resources for tun-key deliveries, total approx. 70 persons:
• Mechanical design, mainly by own people
• Project management
• Electrical and automation design, both own people and subcontractors
• Marketing and sales
• Financial administration
• Workshop manufacturing
• Service and after-sales

Total business volume in the range 10 MEUR / year

Extensive network of sub-suppliers and co-operation partners

SAIMATEC 2011    |    Saimatec Engineering Oy, Teknola, FI-57230 SAVONLINNA, FINLAND, tel. +358-10 525 8100, fax. +358-10 525 8130