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Biomass drying equipment

Saimatec's product range of bulk material handling systems for pulp mills has now been expanded with new technology for biomass drying.

Features of the developed technology:

- Suitable for different types of biomass, such as wood bark, chips, sawdust mixed in other materials, also various sludges when mixed with biomass

- Based on Saimatec’s existing knowledge on handling of bulk materials

- No need to fine-grind the material to be dried

- Drying time is sufficiently long for also coarse particles to dry

- Drying is carried out in relatively low temperature (max. 100 - 150 celsius), in order to eliminate smell emissions to environment. Low temperature also means lower risk of fire.

- Thermal process control makes the system very efficient in terms of energy consumption.

- Relatively low speed of the drying air eliminates the tendency of dust spreading and therefore reduces need for housekeeping. Sealed construction also prevents dust emissions to surroundings.

- Drying system is a self-contained unit, inculding the infeed silo and outfeed equipment, completed with automation.

- Material inside the dryer is moving with gravity, so operation does not need much mechanical power.

- Different heat sources can be used for heating the drying air, such as ”waste energy” of power plant, smoke, gas, vapour…

- Space usage is optimal due to vertical construction, which makes it easier to place the device in existing process environment

- Construction will be easily scaled and dimensioned for different capacity ranges. Biomass flow from few to many hundreds of cubic-meters per hour can be handled.

Potential applications include:
- CHP plants
- Wood pellet plants
- Biorefineries for fuel and chemical production, etc.


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