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Saimatec Service

Saimatec has during its over 25 years of existence specialised in roll handling and roll wrapping in paper mills. This long experience gives us a superior insight into service and maintenance of roll wrapping and roll handling systems, including naturally Saimatec's own deliveries but also systems from other manufacturers.

Service project starts with a system audit, which is carried out during normal production or in shutdown. An extensive service report is prepared, with illustrations and photographs. The report serves as a basis for our repair proposal or a more thorough modernisation quotation.

Based on the reports and proposals, Customer will have a good starting point for evaluating different alternatives and planning the necessary work. Activities can therefore be scheduled well in advance for the next available shutdown. Saimatec's role can include full turn-key delivery for all maintenance and service, or alternatively our supervisors and experts will work together with local resources to carry out the job.

Review of the spare and wear parts stock on site is an integral part of the service audit. Customer therefore gains of having and up-to-date suggestion for spare and wear parts to be kept in stock.

All service actions are documented with photographs and drawings, serving as background for all future service actions.

With a comprehensive service concept Saimatec provides extra operational reliability and flexibility for your roll finishing operations. With expert tips and regular maintenance the life cycle of the existing roll finishing system can be significantly extended. Therefore the need for bigger investments can be combined with other major mill updates in a controlled manner.

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Juha Pitkänen
Service Manager

Esa Nuutinen

Heikki Rasimus

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